“You are spiritually married to anyone you have s3x with” – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Popular relationship and marriage counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has stated that one gets spiritually entangled to anyone he or she has sexual activities with.

According to her, sex is not just for pleasure but it is an act that triggers spiritual connection and bondage between the individuals involved.

Speaking about how marriages do not last in recent times, Charlotte Oduro said the sexual fluids and other discharges that are related to the act, are sealings that join the individuals spiritually.

In an interview with Okay FM, the counsellor said marriages are not seeing the light of day and divorce cases are on the ascendency simply because partners had several sexual partners before getting married which as a result jeopardizes the sustainability of the marriage.

“Sex is good but true love and care for each other should be the foundational blocks of every relationship and marriage,” she advised.

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