La Hustle O: Check Out Moesha’s Car Collection

We are all striving to make a living and also if possible live our lives to the fullest and one of the celebrities doing that at the moment is our very own Moesha Bodoung.

People say being a celebrity in Ghana isn’t rewarding but some female celebrities are proving us wrong.

It is true that some female celebrities like Jackie Appiah and Hajia 4real have Maseratti and Range Rovers but the least person one can never imagine is Moesha.

The actress posted a photo on her Instagram page showing off her two cars the Range Rover Evoque and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in front of a house which is also believed to be hers.

Some say she worked really hard for it whiles other are also of the view that she got it from Papa No. Well we think that which ever ways she acquired these she still needs to be celebrated.

Check out the picture below

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