Download GB Whatsapp

1. Freeze Last Seen

The person viewing your WhatsApp account will see the last seen you have frozen

2. Hide View Status

If you see someones WhatsApp status the person won’t know you have seen his status

3. Hide Blue tick

Blue tick wont appear if you view someones message

4. Hide Second Tick

No second tick after reading a message

5. Hide Blue Microphone

same as blue tick, when someone sends you audio message if you play the message the sender won’t see the blue microphone indication

6. Hide Typing

no one will see the typing indication in their WhatsApp when you type.

7. Hide Recording

no one will see the recording indication in their WhatsApp application

8. Stay always Online

People will see you online even when you are offline

9. Pause Internet For Whatsapp Only

Stops Internet for WhatsApp only other apps on your phone won’t be effected

10. Backup Option

offline backup of all WhatsApp data

11. Password Protection

password Protection for chats and message

12. And Lots of other Customization Options


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